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Diamond Needle Files
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Diamond Handy Files
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Diamond Files

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Used for tasks where conventional files are not suitable due to the hardness of the materials being worked on.


  • Escapement files - used on very small shapes for precision mechanics. They have a forged shank which allows use with additional handle.
  • Needle files - designed for general use in tool making. The extra slim options are particularly suitable for work on deep-set and narrow contours.
  • Riffler files - used for work in hard-to-reach areas and complex geometries.
  • Handy files - handy files have a forged shank which allows use without an additional handle
  • Conical files - suitable for work on narrow, deep contours
  • Machinist file - used among industries in large tool construction (supplied with ergonomic handle)

Abrasive Types: Diamond

Escapement file profiles: Half-round, Crossing Oval, Barrette, Three square, Hand, Square, Round

Needle file profiles: Hand, Three square, Square, Round, Flat, Half-round, Hand with round edges, Knife, Feather edge, Crossing oval, Barrette

Riffler file profiles: Crossing Oval, Hand, Square, Three square, Round, Hand

Handy file profiles: Hand, Half-round, Three square, Square, Round

Machinist file profiles: Hand, Three square, Square, Half-round pointed, Round


Grits: D181, D151, D126, D91, D46, D25


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